It’s never too early to start planning your career, and UQ can help you build your employability at every stage of your studies.

From real-world experiences such as industry placements, work experience, volunteering and overseas study, to mentoring programs and leadership awards, you can give yourself a career head-start long before you graduate.

UQ also offers a range of resources, services and advice to provide insight into job options, career pathways and what employers look for in a graduate.

Start planning

Get advice from the experts

Get ahead in your first years as an undergraduate and visit UQ's Employability and Careers website for jobs and careers advice.

Created by UQ's employability specialists, the website will help you start planning for your future.

You can:

  • search for internship, research and work experience opportunities with UQ and its partners
  • find volunteering and mentoring opportunities
  • search for advertised jobs
  • find out about overseas study
  • get CV, application and interview tips
  • make appointments with careers advisers
  • join networks and make industry connections
  • see scholarship, grant and loans information.

Build your employability

Apply for the UQ Employability Award

Open to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, the UQ Employability Award will help you realise your aspirations, become a leader in your chosen field, make a positive impact on society, and enhance your employability.

You’ll take part in extracurricular activities and professional development seminars, including a unique symposium series.

When you graduate, you can apply for a formal certificate that recognises the enhanced experience and skillset you developed at UQ.

Unlock your employability with a MOOC

Learn how to unlock your personal and professional development and market your skills by registering for the UQ MOOC Unlocking your Employability.

This free self-paced EdX course will introduce you to:

  • employers who discuss what they value in a graduate
  • current students who have maximised their university experience
  • graduates who have transitioned successfully into the workplace
  • academics who work in the field of employability.

Go global

Gain important life skills and an international perspective with a global experience.

UQ offers a range of student exchanges and short-term global experiences that will enhance your professional and personal life.

Turn your ideas into action

Visit UQ's Entrepreneurship and Innovation website to get support for your startup or to bring your new technology to market.

You'll find a range of information about entrepreneurship and incubator programs, business development and networking opportunities, including:

  • UQ Idea Hub: this six-week workshop program will help you learn to think differently and help you create your startup. It offers budding entrepreneurs a secure co-working space, advice from UQ's Entrepreneur in Residence, and the chance to network with experienced mentors
  • UQ ilab: this leading startup program will help you take your idea to the next level. You'll be supported by industry professionals, corporate partners, startup specialists, academics and researchers, and have access to the latest trends, resources and networks.

Work towards your goals

When it comes time to leave UQ, you’ll have opportunities to build a career pathway in areas as varied as research, industry, education, health or government.

To help you work towards your employability goals before you graduate, the Faculty of Science has developed an Employability Framework.

This self-assessment tool encourages you to think about your academic and personal development and any skills, personal attributes or knowledge that may enhance your future employability.

The tool’s six inter-related ‘jigsaw pieces’ prompt you to consider ways to develop yourself during your studies and extra-curricular activities. The tool also gives you a framework for reflecting on your outlook and behaviour.

Download and view our Faculty of Science Employability Framework (PDF, 454kB)

Work-integrated learning opportunities

SCIE3050: Science Industry Placement

Enrol in SCIE3050 Science Industry Placement to gain practical skills and experience in an authentic work environment. 

You'll spend 120 hours of placement in a science-related workplace, and learn about the nature of careers in science, identify possible career pathways, and reflect on your professional skills and personal development.

Discipline-specific opportunities

Road-test a research project

UQ Summer Research Program

Apply for a UQ Summer Research Scholarship and work with a researcher in a formal research environment.

You'll apply your classroom knowledge, gain valuable academic and professional skills, and develop industry and academic contacts.

UQ Winter Research Program

Apply for a UQ Winter Research Scholarship to road-test research alongside UQ academics and researchers.

You'll extend your knowledge of an area of interest, and develop your analytical, critical thinking and communication skills.

Research-intensive courses

Enrol in an undergraduate research-intensive course to gain extra laboratory experience:


Resources for staff

Find resources for UQ Science Teaching & Learning staff, including personal development and training opportunities, reports, strategy documents, and access to the staff intranet.

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