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To obtain access to the Central Glasshouse Services (CGS) facilities, our clients are required to complete an online UQ training module and our facility orientation and induction. You will be required to complete additional online modules, and further training and facility orientations and inductions if you wish to access PC2 or Quarantine facilities. We have created the following flowchart to help guide you through the relevant training and inductions. For further guidance please email or your OHS officer.

flowchart of induction and training processesComplete Ppt 1 induction 1 biosafety ag train ppt ii

The Online OHS Training Modules you need to complete will depend on the activities you will be doing and your Training Needs Analysis. Please complete the below modules as necessary:

Within the Glasshouse Facility, you will need to complete a training presentation and some inductions.  

Email the Glasshouse staff to arrange inductions