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Capabilities & Specialties

Science Workshops technicians possess the necessary safety inductions and local knowledge of the Faculties research and teaching laboratories. The Workshops offer a wide range of general maintenance, repair and installation services within both laboratory and office areas.

The Workshops can provide on location services such as:

Installation and Repairs
  • Vacuum pump testing
  • Vacuum system service and installations
  • Supply of vacuum hoses and components (clamps, flanges, O-rings, hose tails, etc.)
  • Laboratory coat hooks and racks
  • Acrylic pipet holder racks
  • Acrylic or PVC boxes of various designs
  • Acrylic light covers for various instruments
  • Supply and fitting of Swagelok fittings for various gas installations
  • Fully sealed melamine shelving (PC2 suitable)
  • Manufacturing of stainless steel trolleys
  • Stainless steel water bath cleaning and servicing
  • Manufacturing of laboratory benches and specialized furniture
  • Replacement, servicing and supply of spare parts for laboratory equipment
  • Minor office repairs and maintenance
Provisions for Electrical Safety
  • Carry out safety inspections and testing of electrical equipment
  • Remove items that are identified as unsafe from service.

For Job Requests which may be either mechanical or non-electrically related, please visit Mechanical Services.

For Job Requests which may be electronics and/or electrically related, please visit Electronics & Electrical Services.

For Job Requests of which you may be unsure, please email the Science Workshops Manager.

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