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Infrastructure Planning Services (IPS) provides all Faculty of Science stakeholders with strategic advice, project support and liaison services in relation to infrastructure, space planning and maintenance issues across infrastructure that supports Faculty teaching, research and administration. IPS manages the yearly review and production of the Faculty’s Capital Management Plan, aligning infrastructure priorities to support strategic aims. IPS coordinates applications for infrastructure funding on behalf of the Faculty stakeholders to provide a consolidated approach that delivers the strategic project outcomes. The IPS team performs the role of liaison between Faculty stakeholders and Property and Facilities Division (P&F), escalating critical issues for resolution as required and collaborating with P&F to improve systems and services that enable infrastructure to support Faculty goals.

  • Capital Management Plan

    The Faculty of Science Capital Management Plan (CMP) is a strategic document that is reviewed and updated yearly via consultation with all Faculty stakeholders (Schools, Centres and Research Facilities). The CMP 2018 identifies the Faculty’s strategic infrastructure priorities and guides the applications for capital funding through the formal Capital Works submissions, aligning capital expenditure with the strategic aims of the University of Queensland (UQ).

    Early in Q3 each year, IPS will meet with all Faculty stakeholders to discuss their infrastructure priorities for the following year. Proposed infrastructure projects are categorised by their estimated cost (<$200K, $200K - $2M, $2M - $25M, <$25M) and status (current priority vs potential priority). The Executive Dean reviews all proposed projects and determines their inclusion and priority within the CMP.

    The draft CMP will be circulated to all Faculty stakeholders for review and comment early in Q4, prior to being completed and submitted with the Faculty budget (October) to be reviewed by UQ's Capital Management Group (CMG).

  • Capital Works Projects and Capital Funding Applications

    Capital Works

    The buildings that accommodate the Faculty are part of UQ’s property portfolio and P&F are responsible for managing all works regardless of value. All capital works being undertaken in Faculty allocated space require approval from the Executive Dean to request a project for P&F. This includes minor works such as painting, installation of lights or fixing shelves to walls. Minor works such as removing a wall or closing off a doorway can have significant impacts to other services such as air-conditioning, plumbing and fire systems. As such, any proposed works must be first raised through P&F. This includes projects that involve the installation of building plant or changes to any existing plant that is serviced by P&F. Please contact IPS if you are unsure of whether proposed works need to be managed through P&F. 

    Capital Works Funding Applications

    The University of Queensland has one yearly application round for capital works funding. Important detail regarding the application requirements and approval process, along with supporting documentation and submission templates, is available at P&F's Capital Works Approval page.

    In 2018, all capital works funding applications will be submitted via the capital works approval process.

    Capital works funding applications are initially submitted as an Expressions of Interest (EOI). In 2018, EOIs are due for consideration by the Capital Management Group (CMG) by Friday May 11. Approved EOIs are further developed into Capital Requests Submissions (CRS) and are due for submission to the CMG by Monday 17 September

    Early in Q2, Faculty stakeholders will be required to provide supporting data and documentation for the applications and IPS will liaise directly with stakeholder representatives to develop the EOIs and CRSs. Feasibility studies to produce cost estimates for the EOI may be required depending on the size and/or technical speciality of a proposed infrastructure project. It is important that Faculty stakeholders review their infrastructure requirements early each year (Q1) to prepare for nominating and prioritising proposed projects. IPS can provide support and advice in reviewing and prioritising proposed projects.

    Proposed projects for 2018 are due for submission to IPS by Friday 6 April. The Executive Dean will review and approve projects to proceed to the EOI stage by Wednesday 11 April

    The development of EOIs and CRSs will be managed by IPS, in collaboration with Faculty stakeholders. This process ensures consistency in the application submissions and enables the opportunity to enhance project outcomes across multiple Faculty and UQ stakeholders. All Faculty EOIs in 2018 are to be finalised by Friday 4 April, to allow time for review by the Executive Dean prior to submission to CMG on Friday 11 April.  

    Faculty-funded projects

    Where Faculty stakeholders are able to fully fund a capital works projects, the expenditure requires Executive Dean support and approval and authorisation by the CMG to obtain a project code. Furthermore, the project should be listed in the CMP or will require further justification (i.e. business case) to be assessed. Please contact IPS in the first instance to discuss projects of this type.

  • Property and Facilities – Faculty of Science Liaison  

    IPS collaborates with the Property and Facilities Division (P&F) in relation to client services and provides feedback regarding the alignment of client service that appropriately supports Faculty teaching and research. IPS is the liaison between P&F and Faculty stakeholders and acts as the escalation point for all issues that stakeholders experience when engaging P&F services. For example, IPS escalates maintenance issues for resolution where they have not been resolved in a timely manner, or when issues require an urgent response.

    The relevant Facilities staff and Faculty stakeholders are responsible for engaging P&F services in the first instance and should follow P&F’s processes and procedures, such as using Archibus to log maintenance jobs. Stakeholders can escalate any unresolved or urgent issues to IPS for resolution with the relevant P&F area. Information detailing the breadth of services and support P&F provide is available on the P&F website. Please  contact IPS regarding processes or procedures for engaging P&F services.

    IPS meets quarterly with P&F Associate Directors to discuss critical client service items and collaborate on improving services for stakeholders. Furthermore, feedback is provided from both Faculty and P&F regarding the request and delivery of services. IPS will contact Faculty stakeholders to request items for discussion at meetings.   

  • Archibus – Maintenance and Space Management

    Archibus is the corporate system that P&F utilise to manage UQ’s infrastructure portfolio. Archibus will predominantly be used by Faculty stakeholders for maintenance, minor works and space management, including:

    • Logging maintenance requests
    • Requesting keys and access card programming
    • Requesting quotes for minor works
    • Annual space edit (signing off on space allocation)
    • Accessing building floor plans and as-built drawings
    • Space management and planning (People & Occupancy module live from 2018)

    Important information regarding all the services P&F provide is available on the P&F website. For any questions relating to P&F services please contact IPS, in particular any minor works that may be suitable for undertaking through ArchibusSmall Assets Management (SAM) system.

    Maintenance Requests

    It is the responsibility of Faculty stakeholders to follow P&F’s processes and procedures when engaging their services, such as using Archibus to log maintenance jobs. P&F’s maintenance policy document outlines the areas that P&F are responsible for maintaining and those that are the responsibility of users. All maintenance items must be logged in Archibus to ensure timely resolution and a record of ongoing maintenance items for reporting purposes. For ongoing maintenance problems or where a maintenance issue needs to be escalated for resolution, please contact IPS.

    Space Management and Planning

    Archibus incorporates space management functionality and all Faculty stakeholders are responsible for completing the yearly space edit that validates allocation and category of space across UQ.

    Please note that all requests from Faculty stakeholders regarding additional space, relinquishing space or potential space swaps, must be made to IPS who coordinate space allocation between the Faculty and P&F. All Faculty space allocation changes require approval from the Executive Dean and a memo to P&F.

    The People and Occupancy (P&O) module in Archibus allows Faculty stakeholders to manage space allocation of staff and Higher Degree Research (HDR) students to offices and workstations. Commencing in early 2018, P&O will be utilised across UQ to manage space allocation and report on space utilisation. Training and information sessions on using P&O will be available from February 2018. For any information regarding the P&O module please contact IPS.

  • Enhanced Student Charge (ESC) Applications

    Please note that the Enhanced Student Charge (ESC) funding round will not continue in 2018. All requests for capital works funding will be via the annual capital works funding application process stated above. 

  • Feedback

    Please provide feedback on our services to help us continually improve the services available to you. Alternatively, please contact IPS directly.


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