An image of a girl inside a glasshouse

The Central Glasshouse Services (CGS) provides a range of plant growing facilities, Quarantine, PC2 (Physical Containment Level 2), temperature controlled and evaporative cooled glasshouses as well as growth cabinets for your research and education needs. The CGS has growth facilities located at St Lucia and Long Pocket

Contact us to discuss the facilities and equipment available:

  • 1120m2 of evaporatively cooled glasshouses, split across St Lucia and Long Pocket
  • 180m2 of PC2 evaporatively cooled and 353m2 of PC2 temperature controlled glasshouse rooms 
  • 38m2 of temperature controlled quarantine space
  • Expansive external growing areas
  • Numerous controlled and ambient light growth cabinets and incubators
  • 24m2 of dark room space
  • A range of general laboratory space
  • Additional support equipment
    • Autoclave
    • Cement mixer
    • Dehydrator
    • Electric trolleys and wheelbarrows
    • Soil mixer
    • Rotary hoe
    • Leaf area measuring equipment
    • Microscopes
    • Root washing bays
    • Weather station

Visit our Tariffs or Consumables and Services pages to find out more about services and costs or email for further details.