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The Boating and Diving Facility does not co-ordinate volunteer opportunities but if you have been engaged as a volunteer diver at UQ, you must register as a new diver with the Boating and Diving Officer.

Jump-starting your Marine Science skill set

If you’ve started your tertiary marine degree, or are just looking to increase your marine-related skill set, we have some recommendations for you.

Boating and diving for universities, research institutions, government and non-government organisations require a specific skill. This has meant an increase in the required competencies and this should be taken into account as you progress through your degree.

For those interested in boating, it may be useful to start logging your sea time now. The AMSA Record of Service form should be used to record sea time. Visit the Australian Maritime Safety Authority for further guidance. In addition, you will need to obtain your Recreational Marine License (one day course through a variety of providers) and Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency.

For those interested in diving, the minimum requirement at UQ is an advanced open water certification or equivalent. You will also need 20 dives and 15 hours logged underwater time.  This comes with certain restrictions and ultimately you may consider the ADAS Part 1R Scientific Diver Accreditation to reduce these restrictions. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please email our Boating and Diving Officer.