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Capabilities and Specialties

This workshop provides a wide ranging electronic, electrical and optical equipment maintenance and repair service for teaching and research needs.

The workshop and staff are equipped to provide a variety of services, including:

Provisions for Electrical Safety

The workshop provides safety inspections and testing so that the condition of electronic and electrical equipment can be assessed and items that are identified as unsafe can be removed from service.

Maintenance and Repair Service

The workshop provides a full maintenance and repair service that includes: fault finding, modification, repair and calibration of many types of equipment for function and safety reasons. Some examples are:

  • Centrifuges
  • Shakers
  • Hotplate/stirrers
  • Water baths
  • Ultrasonic baths
  • Ovens, incubators
Technical Advice

The workshop provides electrical and electronic support and advice on such matters as:

  • Advice on the purchase and use of specific equipment and components
  • Advice on safety matters, the condition and use of equipment
Design and Construction
  • Small to medium sized scientific instrumentation and experimental equipment
  • Circuit boards, printed circuit boards (PCB), wire wrap boards, strip board, etc.
  • Selection and design of equipment enclosures
  • Equipment wiring and component assembly e.g. installing PCB's, relays, transformers, etc. into suitable enclosures
  • Equipment can be constructed based upon the required specification or using the individual's own design, we will try to provide advice on enhancement of a design, where possible
Optical Services and Specialties

The workshop provides service and maintenance of microscopes and associated equipment:

  • Pre-cleaning evaluation and inspection
  • Test all components for proper operation
  • Clean exterior of microscope
  • Inspect all mechanics and bearing systems (remove old lubricant and lubricate with new)
  • Cleaning of internal optics as required (removal of fungus)
  • Reassemble and align components and collimate optics
  • Check safety of electrical circuits
  • Examine and align illumination system
  • Post service inspection

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