UQ Sciences takes lead in record-breaking grant announcement

3 Aug 2018
Professor Tamara Davis
Professor Tamara Davis, one of seven UQ Faculty of Science ARC grant awardees.

The University of Queensland’s Faculty of Sciences is celebrating the efforts of seven Faculty researchers, after they’ve been named as recipients of Australian Research Council (ARC) grants, helping break records for the amount of ARC funding received by a single university.

The funding allocation was made up of grants from the Australian Laureate Fellowships and the Future Fellowships schemes, announced yesterday by the Council.

These schemes aim to respectively attract and retain outstanding Australian researchers and research leaders of international repute, and foster the work of outstanding mid-career researchers.

The four ARC Laureate Fellows are plant scientist Professor Christine Beveridge ($3.0 million), astrophysicist Professor Tamara Davis ($2.9 million), structural biologist Professor Bostjan Kobe ($2.8 million), and incoming German quantum physicist Professor Hanns-Christoph Nägerl ($2.8 million).

Approximately 25% of all funding from the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme nationally was allocated to researchers from the UQ Faculty of Science.

The Faculty also received three ARC Future Fellows, each receiving funds approaching a quarter of a million dollars for their respective projects, are zoologist Dr Tatsuya Amano, mathematician Dr Ian Marquette and Australian fauna researcher Dr Vera Weisbecker.

The Faculty congratulates the incredible work of our researchers and is looking forward to seeing how this research will create change in Australia and beyond.

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