2022 Science Teaching & Learning grant recipients
Lead investigatorSchoolProject
Ulrike KapplerSchool of Chemistry & Molecular BiosciencesOnline laboratory tools that teach troubleshooting and critical judgement through productive failure
Paul Ebert, Liz Gillam, James FraserSchool of Biological SciencesModularisation and augmentation of the hands-on student research experience: a multi-school initiative to enhance and future-proof the practical experience at UQ
James FraserSchool of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciencespgrading the genetic basis of stuff and things: enrichment of an innovative learning paradigm to supercharge graduate attribute achievement    
Andrew Letten, Gurion Ang, Simon Hart, Louise Kuchel and Cynthia RiginosSchool of Biological SciencesAuthentic experiences with authentic assessments: second year biology students reproduce classic experiments through work-simulated assessments
Frances Shapter and Emily JonesSchool of Veterinary ScienceUpscaling skills training to large group format: using blended learning to enable core, day one competency for veterinary graduates
Suresh KrishnassamySchool of Agriculture and Food SciencesImproving a virtual field trip platform    
Harald HofmannSchool of Earth and Environmental SciencesDemonstrating river and coastal principles in practical classes with the use of interactive stream tables

The teaching and learning grant scheme did not run in 2020 or 2021.

The equipment grant scheme did not run in 2020 or 2021 or 2022.

2019 Science equipment grants

Lead investigatorSchoolProject
Ms Marnie HoltFaculty of ScienceVirtual Reality Equipment
Dr Frances ShapterSchool of Veterinary ScienceMulti-functional canine head training simulator to reduce teaching costs and improve student outcomes
Dr Kelly JohnstoneSchool of Earth and Environmental SciencesExperiment needed to enhance OHSSc student's work readiness and employability skills
Dr Louise KuchelSchool of Biological SciencesBringing field and laboratory biology online using video
Dr Daniel HarrisSchool of Earth and Environmental SciencesHigh-resolution marine wave, tide and temperature measurement facility
Dr Swaid AbdullahSchool of Veterinary ScienceDigital microscopy platform for the multipurpose laboratory (MPL), Building 8106, School of Veterinary Science
Dr Francois-Rene BertinSchool of Veterinary ScienceAcquisition of basic equipment for student training in Equine Clinical Ophthalmology (VETS4022)
Dr Harald HofmannSchool of Earth and Environmental SciencesGroundwater modelling with MODFLOW Flex
Dr Harald HofmannSchool of Earth and Environmental SciencesWhere does climate and hydrological data come from?

Previous recipients

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