2018 Science Teaching & Learning grant recipients
Lead investigator(s) School Project
Professor Matthew Davis & Dr Margaret Wegener Mathematics & Physics Technology-assisted peer feedback for improved preparation and engagement in active learning
Dr Joerg Henning Veterinary Science Data-Rich Scenarios - Interactive learning for Epidemiology, Statistics & Public Health
Dr Jack Wang Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences Blending MICR2000 - expanding online resources to support student learning
Professor Bernard Degnan & Associate Professor Sandie Degnan Biological Sciences Digitising BIOL3211 Marine Invertebrates content to enable flexible and blended delivery
Marnie Holt Faculty of Science Shared resources - Faculty Learning Resources Repository
Professor Gimme Walter Biological Sciences Developing understanding of deep concepts and the process of science - guidance in confronting understanding and a diverse literature
Associate Professor Luke Guddat Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences Enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes in BIOC7004 Advanced Protein Technology through Innovative Teaching & Learning Strategies
Associate Professor Gwendolyn Lawrie Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences Enhancing blended learning in chemistry through collaborative digital drawing tools and online access to 3D models
Dr Bryan Fry Biological Sciences Blended Learning in three dimensions: 3D printing in teaching biological sciences.cess to 3D models
Dr Philip Sharpe Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences Seeing Chemistry in Action (SCIA)
Dr Gry Boe-Hansen Veterinary Science Life-sized Holstein cow simulator for innovative teaching of large animal clinical skills across veterinary science
Dr Nick West Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences Integrating learning outcomes into modern, employment relevant, practical experiences
Dr Margie McEwen Veterinary Science Central patient monitoring for veterinary professionals
Dr Frances Shapter Veterinary Science iSimulate software for complex, lifesaving, scenario based integrated learning modules


2018 Science equipment grants

Lead investigator School Project
Dr Elizabeth Krenske Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences A professional computational molecular modelling platform for second- and third-year Chemistry
Dr Shane Campbell Agriculture & Food Sciences Specialist pasture assessment equipment (Rising Plate Meters)
Professor Elizabeth Aitken Agriculture & Food Sciences Student access to digital capture of microscope images
Dr Nidhi Bansal Agriculture & Food Sciences Enhancing student access to equipment for learning practical skills in food material characterisation
Dr Justine Gibson Veterinary Science Digital interface for students using the multipurpose laboratory (MPL)
Associate Professor Rachel Allavena Agriculture & Food Sciences / Veterinary Science Enhancing blended learning, flexible delivery and clinical teaching at Gatton Campus using digital microscopy

Previous recipients

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