Ishara Sahama

I am a third  year Geographical Science student with (what my friends would call) a vehement desire to reduce our pollution/overconsumption, fight for climate refugee equality and preserve our natural world. As such, my specialisation is in urban geography, an area which focuses on the human impacts of urban areas on the environment, how our cities shape our societies and how we can improve our established systems. 

When I'm not spouting my thoughts on climate change, multinational corporations and socio-political upheavals/neglect/failures, I'm usually studying or conducting research on population migration in Asia or watching documentaries. As a final year ASPinS student, I have found research to be a daunting but very rewarding experience (and challenge!) and I'm looking forward to the new discoveries I will make in the future. 

My first year at UQ was really fun and I had a great time meeting new people, learning about topics which I am really passionate about/just have a general interest in, going on field trips and joining a variety of clubs. University is a great time and place for you to explore and find out where your interests truly lie, so don't be afraid to try out new elective courses and meet people outside of your discipline. 

If you want to chat or need any help, feel free to send me an email! :)