Research Infrastructure Investment Plan Scoping Study: National Environmental Prediction System (NEPS)

As part of the 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap it was identified that investment was needed to establish a National Environmental Prediction System (NEPS), as part of the Earth and Environmental Systems focus area. It is seen that it could enable the integration of environmental observations with predictive modelling to boost research capability and our economy through improved environmental risk management.

This formal scoping exercise was commissioned by the Department of Education and Training to provide technical assessments and requirements study, including implementation costs and timeframes, of enhancing the underlying infrastructure of establishing and managing a NEPS to become national research infrastructure (NRI), especially to also suit researchers in addition to operational uses.

The exercise will:

  • be informed by targeted consultations with key experts and stakeholders, including relevant areas of the existing National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) network
  • provide independent advice and guidance to government on the NRI needs for establishing and managing a NEPS 
  • develop a vision for a NEPS research infrastructure priority identified in the 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, building on existing NRI environmental data capabilities, including those expanded as part of the Government response to the roadmap.

The exercise has two key objectives.

  • Obtain broad agreement from key stakeholders regarding the components of a national capability for a NEPS.
  • Develop a detailed establishment plan, including identification of stakeholder co-investments and actions necessary to support the development and maintenance of the capability.

Expert panel


  • Dr Rob Vertessy FTSE


  • Professor Bronwyn Harch
  • Dr Andrea Hinwood 
  • Dr Adam Lewis
  • Dr Phil McFadden AO
  • Mr Warwick McDonald
  • Dr Steve Morton

Consultation and meetings

The intention is to hold face-to-face interviews, telephone consultations and group meetings with key Australian informants, being either individuals or small groups representing particular organisations, who have an interest in the development of the NEPS.

Details of dates and places related to forthcoming meetings will be posted here.


To enquire about the consultation timetable or any other topic related to NEPS, email