We have a range of boats available to hire. To use a UQ vessel you must first register with a UQ Boating and Diving Officer. To ensure your boating is safe and productive, all UQ vessels must be operated in accordance with the UQ Boating Procedures and the vessel's safety management system. Masters and crew must be suitably qualified and inducted for each vessel.

Minimum qualifications for the master of a vessel under 7.5m:

A certificate of competency as a coxswain is required for vessels 7.5m and over in length OR if the vessel use is not solely research or teaching (e.g. when media are observing/filming research or teaching).

Vessel Details

Name of Boat Specs Image UQ (GST exc.) Pricing

7.5m half cabin
2 x 115hp outboard
Open water - 6 persons
Sheltered water - 6 persons 
Certificate of Operation
Vessel Safety Management System

Lamont 4.3m tiller steer work boat
1 x 25hp outboard
6 persons
Certificate of Operation
Vessel Safety Management System

3.4m tiller steer rigid inflatable
1 x 15hp outboard
Sheltered water - 4 persons
Certificate of Operation
Vessel Safety Management System


An image of Xenia $40.00
Punt 3.0m tiller steer flat bottomed punt
1 x 4hp outboard
2 persons
Vessel Safety Management System

6.5m rigid inflatable
2 x 115hp outboard
7 persons
Certificate of Operation
Certificate of Survey 
Vessel Safety Management System


Visit our vessel specifications page for vessel information necessary for permit applications. 

We can help you obtain the appropriate qualifications, please visit our Registration and Training Information page to find out more or apply now.

Once you have your qualifications, contact us to discuss hiring a vessel and the relevant inductions.