An image of two scuba divers underwater

New User Registration

To be eligible to access UQ vessels, you must become a registered user. To register, please email any UQ Boating and Diving Officer.

Planning for Diving

To ensure your next dive trip is safe and productive, we require the submission of a dive plan. Consider discussing the project’s needs with the Boating and Diving Officer prior to commencement of the project.

Submitting Your Dive Plan

Planning your dive with UQ involves following our Dive Planning steps below. Should you have any queries regarding the process or would like consultation during the planning stages, please email the Boating and Diving Officer.

  1. Appoint an appropriately qualified and experienced diver to act as dive supervisor.
  2. The dive supervisor must complete a dive plan in the approved format Dive Plan Form.  An off-campus work plan may also be required. A completed dive plan consists of: 
    1. Dive plan; who, where, what, how
    2. Hazard checklist and Risk Assessment
    3. Emergency Plans
  3. Initial dive plans must be submitted to the Boating and Diving Officer with sufficient time to adopt any changes required (a minimum of 5 working days prior to diving commencing). For any minor variations up to the commencement of the dive (e.g. change of dates, substitution of a diver for a diver of equal or higher qualification and experience), contact the Boating and Diving Officer. In its approved form, the plan should be discussed with all divers, and support personnel, prior to dive commencement. 
  4. Risk assessments should be completed in accordance with UQ procedures for risk management.  Prepare the risk assessment using the risk management database.  
    1. Use the hazard checklist to assist with preparing a risk assessment specific to the dive task.  Risk assessments that do not adequately address the dive task will prevent your dive plan from being approved.
    2. The risk assessment task ID should be submitted with the dive plan. 
  5. Ensure that emergency plans for reasonably foreseeable events have been completed and implemented.
  6. Please ensure that all diving personnel are registered and have current certifications.
Diving Procedures

Diving supervisors should ensure that diving operations are conducted in accordance with the university procedures and guidelines for diving including

  1. Briefing divers and support personnel
  2. Conducting pre-dive checks of equipment
  3. Completing the dive record as soon as practicable
  4. Ensuring all divers sign the dive record as soon as practicable
Post-dive Procedures
  1. Ensure all the divers and support personnel are well
  2. Note any equipment failures on the dive record
  3. Submit dive records to the Boating and Diving Officer
  4. Report injury, illness and near-misses or incidents using the university incident reporting system

Hire Equipment

We have a range of scuba equipment available to hire. Please contact us to discuss your needs.  Alternatively, you can purchase your own equipment through us.