Our researchers engage with government, industry, the community and fellow academics to share knowledge and create change.

We foster relationships with individuals and organisations in Australia and internationally, often working together from discovery to impact.

Our wide-ranging research projects and partnerships enable us to collectively commercialise discoveries, manage, share and secure data, and innovate in agriculture, all with the aim of delivering solutions and informed decision making.

Our collaborations

Researchers in our schools and centres are keen to intensify our internal collaborations and grow our work with external partners.

Internal collaborations

Visit our schools and centres page to find a researcher who shares your interest.

External partnerships

Our Research Partnerships Managers facilitate the interaction between UQ researchers and external partners.

They identify suitable partners and assist with the management of research contracts and agreements, liaising with all relevant areas of UQ on your behalf.

They can also advise on industry-facing funding schemes that may be used to leverage funding.

Email our Science Contracts team to discuss your partnership idea and commercial arrangements.

Commercialisation and consultancy


We have a strong record of commercialisation success.

Over the four years to 2016, per year, there have been an average of 39 inventions disclosed, patents filed and plant breeders' rights filed.

We work closely with UQ innovation and commercial development specialists, and colleagues from UQ’s subsidiary company, UniQuest, one of Australia’s leading university technology transfer groups.

UniQuest specialises in commercialising UQ's intellectual property, and can access experts from UQ Science or the wider UQ community.


We provide consultancy, laboratory-based testing services, expert opinion, and joint research and development opportunities across a range of disciplines through our schools and centres.

UniQuest facilitates industry engagement with our academics and supervises more than 500 consulting and research projects each year for private, not-for-profit and public sector clients.

Partner with UQ

Partner with UQ