UQ announces Agri-Food Alliance: ‘Wonka factory’ of Aussie foods

18 Nov 2021
Bushfood masterchef
An example of native food confectionery creations from past UQ students, including medicinal lozenges flavoured with lemon myrtle, a bunya and boppal brittle, a quandong and burdekin plum sherbet, desert lime jubes and sour lollies from Davidson plums.

Expect more delicious and premium Australian food in fridges across the globe, with the creation of The University of Queensland’s Agri-Food Innovation Alliance.

The soon-to-be-established group is part of a two year pilot program, connecting UQ’s research and education in agri-food science with Queensland’s agrifood business thanks to $2.5 million in funding from the Australian Government’s Strategic University Reform Fund.

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