Great genetics see UQ researchers win Editors’ Choice Award

28 Mar 2019

The Genetics Society of America has awarded a team of researchers from the School of Biological Sciences - the Editors’ Choice Award - for their outstanding quantitative genetics article.

Dr Julie Collet and her co-authors received the award for their journal article ‘Mutational Pleiotropy and the Strength of Stabilizing Selection Within and Between Functional Modules of Gene Expression’, which was published in the illustrious GENETICS journal in 2018. Dr Collet was joined by fellow UQ researchers Dr Katrina McGuigan, Scott L. Allen, Professor Steve Chenoweth and Professor Mark Blows. Their quantitative genetics article was one of just three selected by the journal’s Editorial Board each year, alongside recipients in population and molecular genetics.

The team were credited for their high-dimensional quantitative genetic approach to testing for the presence of modularity of the genotype-phenotype map, which led to the detection of large variational modules spanning several functional modules.