Rohin Berichon

Hi, my name is Rohin. I am a second year Mathematics Student in the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) program.

I’ve always enjoyed mathematics. I suppose I can best be summarised as a somewhat masochistic nerd of the art. Whilst I’m under the strong conviction anyone can do mathematics - just as anyone can cook  (Ratatouille, 2007) – it takes a passionate mind to derive enjoyment, and hopefully a career out of it in my case. Because of the learning experience I’ve gone through in finding my passion, I would have two words of advice for anyone undertaking science at UQ;

First, it’s important to find your passion, but not any more important than making friends in and around your chosen field. Consistent and incessant debate with friends is important not only to sharpen your wit, but also to tear down those beliefs you hold under false pretences. Make friends that are kind, but who are also willing to test every fibre of your being.

Second, the courses you will undertake are only the backbone to your degree. The real learning experience will come from books and reports you borrow from the library. Not only will your writing skills improve, but your comprehension and knowledge over your field in general will expand. 

Overall, I would describe myself as a fierce debater and passionate studying mathematician, so if you are interested in chatting about the wonders of mathematics, or are keen to discuss some contentious topics, I would be trilled. I spend most of my time in Building 67.