Robin Allsopp

I'm a third-year Biology major, in the Genetics stream of the Advanced Science program! Over the last three years, I've managed to be a new science student at three different universities! Initially when I began university at QUT, then when I left the dark side and transferred to UQ in second year, and most recently during a UQ Abroad exchange to the University of British Columbia in beautiful Canada! 

From this, I've learned a lot about how overwhelming adjusting to a new university can be, but also how rewarding and important engaging with fellow students and lecturers is. 

As well as this, I've come to appreciate the fantastic variety of opportunities available both socially and academically here at UQ. From having the chance to volunteer in a real lab with world-class researchers, to travelling across the globe to study, and forming lifelong friendships and connections, so much is possible for science students!

When I’m not studying, I also love baking away my stress, reading pretty much anything, and dreaming about new places to travel!