Riddhima Mathur

Coming into the BSc program at UQ, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to major in. I knew that I enjoyed human biology and maths, but did not know how to combine them.

The nexus between computational science, maths, and biology sparked my curiosity in genomics and statistical genetics research in first year. Of course, I still get raised eyebrows from people when I say that I prefer running code over running a PCR. 

When I am not coding or getting excited over significant p values, I enjoy sampling milkshakes from UQ's many cafes, playing the piano, delving into music that doesn’t have English lyrics, conducting solo dance parties, and hanging out with science enthusiasts.

My three pieces of advice to first years are: make friends, seek help (from science mentors, tutors, or other academic figures), and take every opportunity that is given to you.

Email: riddhima.mathur@uq.net.au