Narelle Hill

Hi everyone! My name is Narelle and I'm a dual Science/Arts graduate who loves cooking, hiking, kayaking, diving, and travel. At UQ, I have studied zoology, english and ancient history. My diverse areas of study led me to develop an interest in the way society and science interact with one another. 

This has resulted in me pursuing an Honours in Conservation Science, focusing on the protected area networks of Australian migratory shorebirds. Through my studies I've had the chance to be involved in the Advanced Study Program in Science, participate in research scholarships (including one in Switzerland!), become a research assistant and an executive board member of an on-campus conservation group, give presentations to the public about topics I'm passionate about, and get out of the city to do some amazing fieldwork up in Cairns. 

University really is a whole new world brimming with opportunities; it can be terrifying at times but there are so many people who are around and willing to give you a helping hand (myself included). If ever you need some help, or would just like to chat, shoot me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP.