The UQ Science Store also provides a number of specialty services to end users across our South East Queensland locations.

High Risk Chemical Imports

If you have a specialty item that can only be sourced internationally and are unsure on the procedures and permits that may be required to successfully procure your item, please contact the team to make arrangements for you.  We have years of experience and can make this a smooth process for you.

Standing Orders

It is sometimes necessary to order your chemicals in large quantities to get the best value for money.  However, you may not have the storage requirements for such purchases.  In some instances the UQ Science Store can store these on your behalf as a ‘standing order’ whether the goods are on our catalogue or not.  Contact the team to find out more.

Laboratory Relocations

It is quite often necessary for UQ lab groups to relocate to new facilities, or temporarily whilst existing facilities are upgraded.  If this is you, give the team at the UQ Science Store a call or an e-mail to assist you in relocating your chemicals or biologicals from one building to another or one campus to another as required.

Advice on Regulatory Requirements

Chemicals, Biologicals, Regulated goods and their subsequent procurement can be difficult to navigate in regards to your regulatory requirements.  The team at the UQ Science Store is extremely experienced in this and give advice and guidance on how best to fulfil your compliance requirements.

Chemical Diversions for Unmanned Delivery locations

Not all Departments and buildings have manned delivery points capable of handling chemical deliveries.  Working with the UQeMarket team the UQ Science Store has had a special delivery location added to UniFi called UQSS_Dock.  If your department has pre-arranged chemical delivery cabinets in special locations that you need your chemicals delivered to you can use this delivery location from UniFi to have your goods delivered to.  The UQ Science Store can then re-deliver these orders, same day, to your appropriate delivery point.  Contact us for more information on how to set up your UniFi profile for this or find the UQeMarket user guide.

Large Scale Waste Clean Ups

During large scale laboratory clean ups and relocations often a large number of old or unwanted chemicals can be located.  If you come across this please contact the UQ Science Store so that we can assist you to complete the necessary manifest documents to have these chemicals safely removed.