Central Boating and Diving are here to facilitate and support your diving activities. As a new diver at UQ, you will need to be registered with the Boating and Diving Officer, register on our Registration and Training page.

Please note, scuba diving for research in Australia is classified as Occupational diving and as such, has minimum qualifications.

Supervised Diving

These qualifications will permit you to dive under the direct in-water supervision of a scientific scuba diver for a limited period of time.

Minimum qualifications for supervised diving at UQ:

  • Rescue diver or higher recreational diving certification
  • Occupational diving medical to AS 2299
  • Log Book demonstrating 15 hours of scuba diving
  • Apply First Aid
  • Oxygen provider  and CPR cert or Advanced Resuscitation certificate

Scientific Diving

These qualifications will permit you to dive with less restrictions and be a dive supervisor on research dive trips.

Minimum qualifications for scientific diving at UQ:

  • Hold a current ADAS Part 1 restricted or higher certification, OR hold a certification under the Australian Qualifications Framework that is relevant in a substantial way to the work, OR hold a certificate for general diving work that is equivalent to the knowledge and skills of a recreational dive supervisor and has provided to the Diving Officer proof of the knowledge and skills of how to safely conduct the work being undertaken (see PPL 2.30.08c Diving Safety Guidelines s3.1.2 for further guidance on acceptable forms of proof)
  • Occupational diving medical to AS 2299
  • Apply First Aid
  • Oxygen provider and CPR certificate or Advanced Resuscitation certificate

Registered divers will need to submit a dive plan before diving. Visit Diving – Apply Now to submit.

Using Personal Equipment

If using your own scuba equipment you must provide the service records for BCD and Regulators (as per manufacturer’s recommendations – typically a minimum of a 12 monthly inspection by a competent person) and the accuracy of depth and pressure gauges must be tested every 6 months. The latter requirement can be conducted at the Boating and Diving Facility.

Central Boating and Diving has a range of equipment for sale or hire. Visit our Fees and Charges page to hire your gear or go to the Intranet to see lists of available items for purchase.