We are delighted to invite you to the 9th Annual Steve Irwin Memorial Lecture which is proudly presented by The University of Queensland and Australia Zoo.

This year's speaker is Honorary Associate Professor Anne Goldizen from The University of Queensland's School of Biological Sciences.

Spying on animals: unravelling the social systems of wild animals

Honorary Associate Professor Goldizen has focused her research career on understanding the social behaviour of birds and mammals, and particularly the reasons why individuals differ in their social behaviour. Anne has used long-term field studies of individually identifiable animals to do this. In this lecture, Anne will discuss her methods and findings from studies of Amazonian and African primates, birds, threatened wallabies, eastern grey kangaroos and Namibian giraffes.

Join Honorary Associate Professor Goldizen as she shares stories about what it is like to get to know wild animals as individuals and to be accepted by them.

This is a free event. Please register now to secure your seat.

About the speaker

Honorary Associate Professor Anne Goldizen's research interests focus on vertebrate social systems, including mating systems, social networks, parental care patterns and communication, and on conservation biology. She has carried out long-term studies of social and mating systems on wild primates, kangaroos, giraffes and birds. Other studies focused on endangered or potentially threatened species, including bridled nailtail wallabies, brush-tailed rock-wallabies, black-faced impalas, pademelons and black mongooses and have related aspects of species' behavioural ecology and genetics to their conservation & management. Recent studies have been based in Queensland and Namibia and include studies of individual differences in sociability and social networks in eastern grey kangaroos and giraffes.

About Steve Irwin Memorial Lecture

This lecture recognises the legacy of Steve Irwin and highlights the work of enthusiastic and outstanding conservation scientists.


Building 23
The University of Queensland St Lucia campus
Abel Smith Lecture Theatre