University of Queensland Faculty of Science staff have established a Science Travel Scholarship to recognise the contributions of the founding Executive Dean of Science, Professor Stephen Walker, from 2009 - 2016.

Professor Walker has resigned and leaves this month after almost 11 years at UQ.

The Science Travel Scholarship recognises the legacy of Professor Walker in assisting students in financial need to prepare for a future where science matters.

The scholarship will help deserving Science students to study overseas and gain credit towards their programs.

The Science Faculty is one of the largest Science groupings in Australia, with over 1000 staff and about 7500 (equivalent full-time) students.  

Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Høj said that led by Professor Walker, the Faculty had made an immense contribution to UQ's growth trajectory over the past decade and the outstanding research that he had nurtured across the Faculty had been critical in securing UQ's high positioning in global league tables.  

“It is a fitting tribute to Stephen, in his final year, that UQ has achieved its highest ever rating of 55 in the important Academic Ranking of World Universities,” he said.

Professor Walker’s role as Executive Dean at UQ has encompassed a significant fraction of the University.

He commenced at UQ in 2006 as Executive Dean of the (then) Faculty of Engineering, Physical Sciences and Architecture.

In the following years he successfully led a number of major transitions, including the establishment of the Faculties of Science and Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology in 2009, and the incorporation of Agriculture and Veterinary Science into Science from 2011.

He has been a strong advocate for and supporter of teaching and learning.

He has overseen significant curriculum reform, improved the quality of the Faculty's student intake and demonstrated unwavering commitment to academic standards and the student experience.

You can donate to the scholarship at:

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