In 2015, The University of Queensland will conduct a review of the Bachelor of Science program. The review is conducted in accordance with PPL 3.30.03 - 'Curriculum and Teaching Quality Appraisal and Academic Program Review' and PPL 3.30.06 - 'Review of Generalist Degree Programs',  which require that generalist programs be reviewed every 7 years.  The previous review took place in 2006, with implementation commencing in 2008. More information about the review process is available at the University’s Policies and Procedures Library.

The review of the Bachelor of Science program took place on 17-21 August, 2015. 

Review committee membership:

External members: Professor Merlin Crossley, The University of New South Wales
                               Professor Jens Dolin, University of Copenhagen
                               Professor John Hosking, University of Auckland
Internal members:  Professor Fred D'Agostino, President, Academic Board
                               Professor Joanne Wright, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
                               Ms Glenda Jacobs (Secretary)             

The Terms of Reference are available here.

Final reports:

 Faculty of Science BSc Review Submission

 BSc Review Committee report 

Faculty response to Review Committee Report

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